Home away from home...

It's been a while since I've posted. A lot of things have happened lately. I went to Portland last week to visit my family and friends and to make my sister's birthday and Mother's day. It was really interesting to be back, especially only for a week, but much needed as well. It was a blast to surprise everybody (the only people who knew I was coming were my dad, my sister and my cousin Lacey)! This is a picture of my mom and I the first day I arrived when we surprised her (and a lot of others) at Gresham Station Starbucks!

I got to spend a lot of time with people I really missed (though I sadly didn't have time to hang out with everybody I wanted to!). Here's Sam and I at the Gresham Village Starbucks (what is it with Gresham and Starbucks!?!?).

Lacey & Corey on 23rd. We had so much fun hanging out! I love my cousins!!

Grace, Sam and I got to meet up with Autumn, Josh, Sean and Dave at the Eisley concert... but beforehand, we had to take a walk up to the top of the hill! It was so beautiful!

I'll put more photos up on my Flickr when I get my computer working again (I left my power chord at home!). It's good to be back at my home away from home, though. I really missed all of my family here. Right now, I'm watching Rosie eat peanut butter from a spoon with socks on her hands and Barbie: Island Princess is on in the background. Mmhmm. I missed my girls! I'm going to be moving again in two weeks. Amy was blessed with a 3 bedroom house to rent and she wants me to move into the third bedroom to help transition. I'm so excited! I love Amy and her girls and am blessed to help out! Pray for all of us here in the daily changes. Love you all!

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