A Memorial Day to remember...

Today was such a beautiful day in so many ways. Rich came home after being gone fishing all weekend and brought back a lot of fish to fry! Jen and I rode bikes to the grocery store to get everything for dinner. I'm so used to riding by myself, it was really nice to have someone there with me to chat with! We ran into a dirty hippie at the store... it turned out to be Amy! I found a "Grow Your Own Dinosaur!" package and brought it back to the girls. Lily was determined to watch the entire growing process, even though I told her it would take several hours.

Rich fried up some tasty fish and curly fries!

The girls and I had a lot of fun playing. Lily ran a daycare for Rosie the duck. She was threatening to spank Rosie. We told her she would probably be fired if she ever ran a real daycare. On the hammock, we played that we were on a boat to Portland and all we could eat was peanut butter and the fish that Rosie caught for us. We had to eat them raw, though. It was rough.

When the food was ready, we all went outside to sit in the backyard at the picnic table!

Jen made SCRUMPTIOUS gluten-free strawberry shortcake (check out her blog for more info)!!
Afterwards, Lily and Rosie decided they wanted to go swimming (it was a VERY humid 80-something degree day!) Jen, Daisy and I pulled up some lawn chairs (and a stroller!) to watch them.

Then, to warm up, Rosie decided to crawl into the clean laundry fresh out of the dryer!
Now, the girls have gone to sleep and Jen and I are sitting on the back porch in the perfect summer-like weather with candles lit. It's beautiful and perfect. I am truly blessed. I love my family here.

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