Festival.... and other fun things!

This week has been busy...

We had a cleaning party last Monday to help Amy get her new house ready to move into and MUCH was accomplished. She's been working on it throughout the week and I think we will finally be able to move in and sleep there tomorrow! Hooray!! I can't wait. It is truly amazing to see everything coming together. God, through other people, has provided her first month's rent completely as well as a good chunk of next month's! The basement of this house needed a TON of work. The guy who lived there (and past away there) was very sick and let his two HUGE dogs go to the bathroom all over the basement floor. After he died, no one took care of them, so they just kept it up. Let's just say, it was pretty bad and stinky. The daughters who own it mopped it three times, Amy mopped it a few times, we painted it with primer and floor paint... and it STILL smelled. Jen and I went to the "W" (a prayer meeting that we go to every week) on Wednesday and we knew we had to pray about it. Jen brought it up when giving everyone an update about Amy and her house (Amy usually comes, but couldn't make it this week). Afterwards, a man came up to Jen and told her he has this miracle product that his friend invented they use on Princess Cruise lines to clean the sewer tanks and pipes. He brought it over to Amy's, mopped the basement floor with it, and now it is smelling SO much better!! God cares even about our noses! He is so good.

This weekend was the annual Festival in GR. It's a huge 100% volunteer-operated arts and music festival. And it was a lot of fun! Rich told me every year there are huge thunderstorms during Festival weekend. I didn't know if I believed him... but he was DEFINITELY right. It stormed ALL day (and most nights), but cleared up Friday evening for us to all meet up down there. Below are some pictures of the evening. I had such a good time. My favorite part was spending some fun time with Isabella. I want her to be my little sister. :) I even showed her how to use my camera and let her take some photos. See if you can figure out which one is from her perspective... It sure makes me feel great! (To see more pictures, please visit my flickr page)


  1. I'm glad you got to go to Festival! It is quite an experience -- all types of folks come out of the woodwork for it. : )

  2. Great pictures! I am going to have to steal a couple of them! I really love the bottom picture of Rich with the kids!

  3. I look like a freakin giant sittin next to the girls!


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