Time to create...

I have been feeling discouraged lately, which is why I am glad that a really good friend who will remain nameless (Amy!) reminded me that creating brings us closer to the creator. Thanks to her, I have gone a little craft-crazy and wanted to share a few things that have given me a lot of peace in creating.

I found this book on sale at Urban Outfitters. Ironically, this book about making things out of your trash was the only thing I could afford there. It has a lot of good ideas in it!

I got the idea for these bottle-cap magnets from the Rubbish: Reuse Your Refuse book. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I needed to be reminded of these things, which is why I chose these specific words. These were SUPER easy to make.

Continuing in my artsy/recycling mood, I decided to grab some of the bottles out of the recycling and use some oil paints to turn them into decorative glass. Note to anyone who borrows this idea: DO NOT leave oil paints around unsupervised children! Haha.

This laundry bag was the first thing I made and was inspired by Jenna's Sewing with a French Twist laundry bags she made for Jaizek and Zion. Hers have much more panels than mine, which only has three plus the circle, but mine are compl
etely finished! Haha. I love you, Jenna! This project is so practical, it's already halfway filled with laundry!

I am VERY excited about this one! It's carrying bag I made for my yoga mat. I'm so excited about it, especially because I am taking a yoga class through Mt. Hood Community College this fall and get to show it off (and not have to lug it around while worrying about it coming unrolled).

The most fun I had, however, was making soap with the girls. I bought a package of vegetable glycerine with aloe and vitamin E and some sandalwood oil on sale at the craft store. We dug out some cookie cutters from the pantry, picked some leaves and flowers from the yard and went to town! Here are some of the very unique soaps we made.

This one is probably my favorite!

Today, I went by my parents' house to get my mail and was pleasantly surprised to find this from my dearly missed sister! It made my day!!

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