Catching Up... Traditions, Nutcracker, My 21st!

I am DEFINITELY due for an update photo-wise!
So much has been going on lately, I have more photos to upload so check for those soon :)
Here is the documentation of Sam and my tradition to go to Jamba Juice every Friday...

We saw Jeanie!

The conquerer!
Now, this is hilarious. I have these two Nutcrackers that are abnormally huge and my dad and I always try to hide them places to scare each other every year. Sam helped me this year...

Sam and his best feline friend Rajah

We'd been working on Christmas presents so long that we decided to take a break and put on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and lip synch and dance with the boys as our band...

Getting ready to go to the Nutcracker!My dad needs to work on his picture posing... his response: I'm a photographer, not a model!

This was my 21st birthday! My dad took me to Central Cafe for lunch :)

The past week and a half we have been spending a lot of time at Cafe Delirium (where Sam works on the weekends). It's been the only place in town open with the weather the way it is. Now we can't even get out of our house, of course... but we were getting sick of being at the Cafe anyway. (This was on my birthday, too) That's Ellen and my mom.
My dad trying to work on his computer.
Ellen telling a story enthusiastically.

Mom listening to Ellen.Sam made me the best gift ever! He told me to open the card first and I reached inside the bag and pulled out 21 CARDS!!! They were 21 things he loves about me and certain ones told me to open certain gifts. He got me an old copy of The Pilgrim's Progress (I've been wanting to read), made me a CD mix, and a bottle of Gluten-Free Dark Beer (from Belgium)!

Then we had to pick up a diet pepsi for my mom since she was snowed in.
Here is a bag of the Christmas presents I've been working on for the kids in Michigan... shh!!!
Pretty like a postcard!
Back at the Cafe... Ellen doesn't like me taking pictures of her (Josh in the background).
Our mess.
Not too much snow at this point... I took Rajah outside because he loves the snow! (He blends in!)

Kobe loves the snow, too!
Sam took this beautiful picture of the lights on our 17 foot tall Christmas tree.
Mailing presents to Michigan... walking to the post office!
Don't worry, Amy, I'm not sending you my winter clothes!

Sam and I decided to go on an adventure and take the bus!

To be continued...

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