People I love: Amy VZ

I decided that each week I will be featuring a different person I love in my blog. I've been blessed to cross paths with a ton of great folks by the grace of God and it's worth mentioning! :)

This first week, I'd like to pay tribute to my dear friend Amy VZ. She's one of a kind. I absolutely love her and what her friendship means to me. She's an amazing woman who stays behind the scene a lot of the time... Let me tell you a reasons why I love Amy:

Amy is a sojourner. She knows this world is not her home and lives her life as a reminder to those around her that there's something more worth seeking, even if it means sacrificing financial freedom, comfort, etc. She's a single mom raising two beautiful girls, Isabella and Eliana. I have very rarely seen such pure love of a mother to her children as Amy's love for her daughters. She prays for her children like nobody's business. She's determined to teach them God's truth and creativity, even if it means taking the night off during a busy week to paint. Amy has hard times and frustrations like everyone else, but she trusts God. Her faith encourages me so much as I hear story after story of God's provision in her life. She is one of the best friends I have ever known and I'm so thankful for her in my life, even if she lives 2,200 miles away. A few more things I love about Amy:
  • Her silly voices
  • When she laughs so hard she snorts
  • Her creativity
  • She's the most resourceful person I know. Seriously. It's weird. And not normal. But rocks!
  • Her constant reminding of God's relational beauty and love and promises.
  • Her desire for community
  • She's a prayer warrior if I've ever known one.
  • She's a human ipod on shuffle.
  • The way whenever I go anywhere with her she knows somebody and even if she doesn't she says "Do I know you?" and then knows that person.
  • Road trips
  • Adventures
  • Attempts to make Ellie stop screaming in the car with her
  • Her honesty
So, there you go. Amy VZ is the friend for me! And if you know her, I bet you know what I mean. And if you don't know her, I bet if you met her you'd know what I mean. :)


  1. That's so sweet... and all of it is true! I think I took that picture of you 2. :) I've been wanting to put music on my blog for a log time... I was glad to follow your link and finally find something very simple!

  2. Rae - I agree with you - Amy is something special. I love that girl. She has taught me so much when I think she didn't even know it. She loves God and lives for Him and that is an example to me. There is nothing more important than that. The way she loves on her babies is beauty, isn't it? Many moms could learn from her example. I love the way she stops what she is doing to listen patiently when they need her. She is a good mom and a good friend. She is a daughter of the King, a child of The Most High God, intimate friend with the Creator, and that gives her a glow and a peace in the middle of whatever life throws at her. That too is an example to me. She is transparent - she doesn't hide her struggles, but lets us see as she works through life's stuff. She always, so far, comes out on top, with God's help. I'm glad you decided to write about the people you love. That's a great idea! And I'm glad you wrote about Amy. She is a real blessing to my life, too. She adds to my life and helps me to be more of what I was designed to be. What a gift from God!


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