My least favorite animal is probably a groundhog. Any animal that gets to decide when spring arrives should be shunned. For that matter, any human that decides to let a stupid animal decide when spring arrives should be shunned. Don't get me wrong--winter is beautiful in its own way, but my heart longs for spring. New beginnings, new adventures. Sunshine. Going on walks. Bike-rides. Flowers. Being outside. Spring uncovers beautiful things that have been forgotten in dreary weather and buried underneath snow. It's time for new life. Resurrected life.

This spring of 2009 will be an extraordinary one. The anniversary of my adventure to Grand Rapids, Michigan is approaching and consuming my thoughts lately. What a beautiful, God-orchestrated time. Though I've been back for about 7 months now (I can't believe it's been that long!), it seems as though I've just begun unpacking the cherished memories in my heart and mind. My heart aches for my family 2,200 miles away. I miss them deeply.

Sam and I will become husband and wife this spring. Both of us can hardly wait to be there already, but our Lord has certainly been testing and growing us in this time of wait. Oh, how wonderful it will be to have "home" together! To not have to go separate ways each night. To be a family and to learn each other in ways unimaginable to us right now.

This spring, I'll need reminders. Reminders of the sacrifice and love of Christ come Easter (...as well as every day of my life), of the beauty of the northwest as it awakes from its slumber (and that all this rain pays off), of friendship and encouragement and support.

Oh, Spring... just come soon, okay?


  1. I agree, Rachel! It has been so COLD here... yesterday we experienced one of those middle of winter 60 degree days! It was so beautiful, and yet everyone knew it was fleeting and the boys and I were playing ball outside as it was getting dark -- I felt like I was clinging to the day, digging my nails into it, saying, "NO! DON'T GO! PLEASE STAY!!!!" :)
    I wore a hat I knitted yesterday for the 1st time, and Jack looked at me strangely and said, "Remember that girl that used to be in our house church? (He meant you) You look like her with that hat on." :) So I took it as a compliment and thanked him and thought of you yesterday.

  2. :) Aww... Thanks for sharing! It's good to feel remembered and not forgotten. I always read your blogs so I still feel like I am connected with you all. So thanks for blogging! You definitely have at least one consistent reader :) Much love!

  3. Oh, Rae, thank you -- you have expressed your longing for spring in words I could not quite find. I somehow feel a little guilty, almost, wishing for spring when I can't have it yet. Silly, I know, but it has hindered me from expressing myself about it very well. Your words exactly express my longing, too. I might have to quote you!

    We had rain yesterday and it felt good to breathe the moister air. The cold here makes the air so dry. Even the mud seemed better than frozen ground for those few hours. Today it's back to winter, but the temps are not as cold as a month ago. That's progress! We'll get there! And we will celebrate!!

  4. Rae - I quoted you on my post, because you said what I was feeling so accurately. I was thinking of linking back to your post, but wanted to see if you were ok with that first. OK?

    You are a breathe of fresh air, did I tell you that before?

  5. I mean "breath" not "breathe"... (-:


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