People I love: Eliana Little Flower Vanzoeren!!

Thank you, Amy, for the amazing videos of your hyperactive children... I miss them so much! 

I love Miss Ellie! She's growing up so fast and she cracks me up. Here's an example of why...

Ellie was definitely my buddy while I was in GR. Everyone told me she would forget about me because she was too little, but she HASN'T! And I'm very proud :)


  1. I just found this again, made me cry. I am glad you had posted it.

  2. this is Eliana and i'v watch that video of me so many times i cant remember when that happen but i just thing that was so cute! and i can' t wait to see you you Rae!!!!

  3. i miss you sooooooooooo much and this is ellie again

    1. Aww I miss you too!!! I'm glad you haven't forgotten about me <3


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