People I love: Nathan Vredevelt

As you may have heard, things have been a bit crazy this week.

Last Monday, I was in the hospital investigating pains in my leg my doctor thought could be a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) caused by the medication I have been taking. No blood clot was found in the ultrasound. Sam and I were at the hospital until 4am Tuesday. We were both very exhausted and confused at the lack of answers to what has been going on with my body and now piling medical bills (I do not have health insurance). I have several health conditions this medicine has been supposed to be treating, however at this point the medicine is hurting me more than helping (I have had virtually every side effect known to this medication). My doctor recommended I switch to a different medication that has few side effects, but costs $80 per month. I have been seriously praying about not taking any medication. I have been dealing with these health conditions since 8th grade and I've tried everything as far as treatment goes, experiencing complications with just about all of them. I am now just waiting for God to bring healing. I don't know how or when that's going to come about, but he does. I am also praying for God to take care of my medical bills, especially going into marrying Sam in two months. We have been working so hard to be debt-free going into our marriage. God knows.

It seems like the world has been going through the birthing pains of its next chapter. So many hardships. Tragedies. Believers left with no other option than to trust God. Unbelievers left apathetic.

The Vredevelts have been considered family to me for as long as I can remember. Jessie, Ben and Nathan and my sister and I have always called each other cousins. We've been close since we were born... my mom picking them up from school every day and taking us over to my Aunt Kelli's to play house or in Ben and Jessie's basement to play DuckHunt, jump on the trampoline and get into trouble. Nathan has Down Syndrome. It wasn't always easy to include him in our after school fun. He's very stubborn, but he loved playing with us. I'll never forget the time he tackled my sister and kissed her on the lips (she would probably kill me if she knew I was telling that story). He laughed and laughed and she was so disgusted, she didn't want anyone to know he was her first kiss! :) My Aunt Kelli has been a second mom to him. He's always been her "buddy." He's been at so many family events and trips, movie nights and birthdays. He's always been around. And we've always been so blessed by his raw realness. He never hides how he feels. If he's mad, he's mad. And you know it. If he's having a good time, his ear to ear smile and laugh don't go unnoticed. I can't believe how much he's grown in the last 16 years. Physically, yes, but Nathan has worked through a lot of adversity to become the young man that he is today and we are all very proud of him.

Sunday evening, Nathan wandered out of a Blazer game at he Rose Quarter and was hit by two vehicles on I-5 Southbound. He has two broken legs, a broken pelvis and severe head injuries. He remains in critical condition at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital. It's been a surreal nightmare pulling all of the pieces of the puzzle together. It was a horrible accident that has been quite a shock to everyone, especially the Vredevelt family. Person after person has showed up at the hospital to give their support. The hallway outside ICU has been consistently filled with close friends and family gathering together to pray for Nathan and love on John, Pam, Jessie and Ben. Nathan doesn't have insurance either. His parents were let go about a year ago and have been turned down by every insurance agency they have applied for because of Nathan's condition. There is a Bank of America account set up in Nathan's name for donations to help with medical bills. I would like to get that word out. The rest of the story, I'm afraid, my thoughts are too scattered to write. The best way to find information would be to follow kgw.com (news)... here is the original story:
http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_030 209_news_teen_hit_interstate.1aeebf2d.html
And visit
for updates.
Please keep the Vredevelts in your prayers.
Please plead with the God of Love and Mercy to heal Nathan, whether that be on this or the other side of eternity.
Please pray that all of us will turn to the Father of Lights in this difficult time.

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  1. Rachel, I will pray for complete healing for Nathan.. thanks for the caring bridge link.

    I feel sad that we didn't spend more time together when you were here. I enjoy our blog conversations, and feel a kinship with you.


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