Wedding Projects!...

I've been trying to get a bunch of stuff done for the wedding before it gets to crunch time! Here are some of the things I've been working on...

There's no way you could have expected Sam and I to send out the average foo-foo wedding invitations. :) We wanted to do something that represented US. Our colors are yellow and brown (yellow is my favorite color and brown is Sam's), so it made sense to incorporate the theme in our invites. They turned out beautifully!...
Cloth Napkins
Inspired by Rimsky's, Sam, Mom and I (the reception planning committee) decided to get a bunch of random brown and yellow fabric and cut out cloth napkins for the reception! We decided to use pinking shears (so we won't have to sew a heck of a lot of napkins) to make things fast and efficient. They are turning out really adorable and I can't wait to see them on tables! We're going to have to figure out a way to let people know not to throw them away because we want to keep some of them for our apartment!
Hand-Dyed Feather Hairpieces 
I found some really cute feather hairpieces on etsy that were WAY out of my price range ($98!!), but I was in love with them for my bridesmaids so I decided to make them! Yay, for the crafty girl! I went to JoAnne's and got a bag of regular white feathers and a bag of guinea fowl feathers (the polka-dot ones... about $1.50 each), some RIT golden yellow dye ($4), 1/2 yard yellow nylon netting (65 cents), a set of three yellow buttons (98 cents), and three hair combs ($1.00 each). 
The most work was hand-dying the feathers. I found a great site with some helpful instructions here and combined them with the RIT dye instructions. I had to boil the feathers in the dye on the stove for about 30 minutes, take them out individually into a cold water bath using a wooden skewer, then put them onto paper towels to dry, then into the oven at 200 degrees until dry and fluffy. The guinea fowl feathers dried very easily, but I had to put the other feathers in a pillowcase in the dryer to fluff them up nicely. 
They turned out so cute, especially the guinea fowl feathers! I gained so much respect for people that used to hand make feather hats, however, because next I had to strip the feathers to get them to look this nice!
A little hot glue, some creativity and... viola!
I even made some feathers to go with the boys' boutonnieres!


  1. I totally love your feathers! They are sooo cute!

    For your napkins...you can put a basket by the trash or somewhere and put "napkins here" on them :)

    UGGG! I wish I could come!

  2. These are fantastic... I am now thinking about getting married again (to the same guy)just so I can copy your great ideas. Maybe no one will notice that we've been married for years and have a bunch of kids... whadya think? I love the headpieces. And the invitations. and the napkins. Yeah, pretty much all those things. -Kathy

  3. And also - if I saw cloth napkins in front of me at a table, I would no way think they were to be thrown away!

    I might think they were for stealing, though.

    So, yeah - Amy's idea.

  4. Haha! Yes, Amy had a great idea! :) And, yes, I think you should get married again! My parents "renewed their vows" at their 10 year, basically so my mom could have the small intimate wedding at Multnomah Falls that she wanted (their wedding was huge because my dad has an enormous family). :)

    Thanks for the compliments!

  5. You are so creative! Adorable -- all of it!!

  6. You're amazing, Rae! I love the ambition to take on a project - save money - and make your day reflect you!

    That takes quite an eye! Impressive! : )

  7. Hey, so I saw that you'd been making things for your wedding, your ideas are great, I've been looking for ways to cut down on budget too and make my own things. These look fabulous!

  8. I love love love the feathers! I have always liked feathers in hair, and the fact that you made your own is amazing.
    I feel that we could be good friends. Here is why:
    1)You are marrying one of my best guy friends ever, meaning you MUST be totally and completely AWESOME.
    2)You obviously like doing crafty things, which is something that I also like doing. I have a whole portion of my closet set aside for scrapbooking and card making.
    3) We have the same sunglasses, as evident in your photo. I admire your fabulous taste :-)

    I can't wait for the wedding and I look forward to officially meeting you!


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