People I Love: Dave!

This is my little brother-to-be, David Snyder. Do not be fooled by his death glare... he's got quite a big heart and I love him to death! When God made Dave, he decided to leave out any mean bones, whatsoever. Dave has none. He is one of the most caring, honest and hilarious people I know. He's rather sharp in wit... I'll never forget the time Sam sent me a picture of him wearing the fedora that his mom gave in and bought him after he begged her to (anyone ever heard of a twelve-year-old who knows what a fedora is, let alone begs his mom to buy him one???) and I told him to pass along to Dave that I thought he was adorable, to which he replied, "No, I'm fedora-ble!" It still makes me laugh thinking about it! 

If you're one of the lucky ones to be a part of Dave's life you know how loving he is. He's always excited to see you, never holds anything against you and just wants to spend time with you and show you what he's about... And I always give in, even though I'm not terribly interested in ROBLOX. 

Dave is always trying to make the people around him smile. It usually always works, too. :)

I will be proud to be his sister!

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  1. Dave sounds so cool! How fun to have a brother!

    Rich was just realizing yesterday that he has now known my little sister for half of her life! When we met, she was only 11, now she's 22, married and having her first baby!

    I hope your having fun preparing for your wedding. We miss you!

    Love the new blog layout too!


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