It's been a LONG time since I last posted... really posted anyway (according to some friends, my last post didn't count). I wanted to share my beautiful garden that has been keeping me busy! First, here is a cute picture of Sam and Kobe when he spent the night :)
Peasblossom! I love my peas :) They are so big and strong!
Cucumbers, beans, pumpkin, peppers... yum!
The rest of the garden is hard to see because it's covered in grass clippings I steal from the maintenance people after they mow the lawn! My plants LOVE them!
Dahlias :) Sam's favorites...
English Lavender and tomatoes!
My birdhaven :) Do those yellow wicker balls look familiar? Also, Spanish Lavender and Chocolate Mint!
Our roses are so pretty...
More of the birdhaven/back patio...
Corn! It's shooting up and quicker than I can thin it out! hehe...
First pea pod!
I love my garden! Sam and I are so excited to reap the benefits of this hard work ( which seems like it won't be long!)


  1. Sweet pictures! I'm so glad to hear from you again. Been wondering what's up with your new life. The garden has a lot going on there! congratulations... on so many things! (-:

  2. It's a beautiful garden! Oh, I miss you!


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