Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Vegetarian breakfasts!

I have been trying to get a good start to the mornings, which means eating a healthy and complete breakfast. Those of you with dietary restrictions know this can seem an insurmountable task! Though, still frustrating at times, I have been gaining more confidence in healthy breakfast eating for a GF DF Vegetarian.

Here's two breakfasts this week:
Above: Nature's Path Peanut Butter Panda Puffs Cereal (GF and available even at WinCo!) with rice milk, eggs, blueberries (Thank you, Aunt Ruth! And thank God blueberries are in season and plentiful!), and a big glass of water!

Above: I found a great Gluten-free Pancake and Waffle Mix made by Kinnikinnick Foods (available at New Seasons, Wild Oats... check their website for stores near you) and added some delicious blueberries (thanks again, Aunt Ruth!), topped off with maple syrup and Smart Balance... Yum!

I would love to hear what you other GF's are cooking up!


  1. aww! I have some really good syrup from my friend...I should have just brought you some this morning:)

  2. You're welcome :-) Aunt Ruth (come by anytime and pick - even if we are not home the gate is open)

  3. For breakfast I usually have a health drink I get from the doc's office where I go... but sometimes I have fruit and nuts instead. A fresh apple (organic if I can) or some berries, and a handful or two of raw cashews or almonds... yum! Maybe some yogurt(soy)too. Otherwise, eggs (over medium, or scrambled with herbs, tomatoes, onions, or mushrooms cut up on top), cereal, cooked oatmeal (maybe with raisins or other fruit, or nuts, and sweetened, if necessary, with dried cane juice or syrup).

    Of course you can always have leftovers from last night's healthy supper. That works too.

  4. When Ginger was eating Gluten-Free, we shopped a lot at Lingonberries (in Vancouver, about 3 minutes from Vancouver Mall). Their website is lingonberriesmarket.com. They have probably the best selection of products around! IF you ever decide to take a road trip across the bridge, it's a great place to check out for all things gluten free.

    Dave (Sam's Uncle)


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