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Sam and I have been seriously considering what we can do to encourage creativity in our home. We've been hosting an art night once a week with friends and are absolutely loving it! It's encouraged us to be more creative, getting a chance to be inspired by others and even just making the time to sit down and do something artistic! Here are some of my creations and Sam's creations lately. I've been into these watercolor pens my sister, Autumn, got me started on. Sam's been into birds lately using his favorite medium: pens! We found some really great drawing pens by Pitt at Art Media (which is an AWESOME place to buy art supplies if you have a student discount). Now that I have tracked down my scanner, hopefully I will be able to post more of others' work from our art night. Enjoy!

by Sam:

by Me:

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  1. you are both fabulous artists! I love the idea of an art night :) hope your playing music at your art night as well. I sure wish I could come!


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