House Concert

Last Saturday, my sister put together a house concert at my parents house and it was a lot of fun (even though it was FREEZING COLD!) :)

Our friend Sean Garcia headlined and there were some other really great acts...
The Cutthroats... Kevin (drummer) goes to school with Autumn at PNCA. He comes to our art nights and is a really cool guy. His brother sings lead and plays guitar and sister sings harmony and plays tambourine/triangle!
Sam ended up volunteering to run sound for the entire evening... he's such a servant. And he did an awesome job :)
Here's Boppy and Autumn (I warned them this was going to blind them but they didn't care). Autumn played some of her songs, too, but I somehow didn't get any pictures of her. Must have been too busy listening. She wrote some really great songs!
And this was my favorite act of the night: my amazing husband! He played a couple covers along with one of his own songs and did a FANTASTIC job. I'm very proud :)
I really think this should be something that happens annually. Except maybe next year, the weather will remember that it is AUGUST? Regardless, it was quite fun.


  1. How fun! I so wish I was there! Next year...maybe a video or two :)

  2. I think it is so amazing and wonderful that you are connected to so many artistic, talented people. You are very blessed! And how cool that your sister made this house concert happen! Wish I could attend!


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