Ahh, Autumn!

And by Autumn, I mean fall... not my sister ;)

Having been sick for the past two weeks with a bad cold and bronchitis, I really didn't get out a whole lot until recently to see all of the beautiful colors the leaves are changing to! There are lots of big beautiful birch trees that are bright yellow/orange right now outside our condo. I am absolutely in love with them! It really does feel like fall. Warm beverages, pumpkin flavored treats, squash outside neighbors' doorsteps, etc.

Yesterday I decided to make a paper leaf mobile to hang over our dining table as a way to preserve the beauty of falling autumn leaves. I think it turned out nicely :) And it's got me listening to and humming along with Nat King Cole all morning... but i miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall...

Click here to take a listen for yourself!

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