28 weeks...

And the fake-out contractions have begun.

I'm still surprised at the crazy things I never knew my body could do ( Like house a PERSON!), but these are on the top of the abnormal list. Everything gets really tight and rigid and I feel like I can't sit down because my body won't bend that way... you get the idea. It comes on very suddenly for a few minutes and then gradually releases. Alright. Here we go, next three months... ready or not, here we come!

Our baby shower is this coming Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm glad Sam and I get to be there together. He's been such a support for me, especially lately. I'm really praying that God blesses us with the things that we really need. Preparing for a baby is so overwhelming... certain necessities (like carseats, etc) are SO expensive! Yikes. But he's never not provided for us before, so I look forward to watching him do it again.

I'm already having a pretty good feeling that this next stretch is going to be the hardest for me. I've never done this before, so I can't be completely positive about anything, but all the side affects that keep building on top of each other are starting to catch up with me and I feel at times a little like I'm treading water trying to keep my head afloat. I will definitely appreciate a lot of support and prayer these coming months, especially trying to dodge all of the terrible sicknesses going around and get through the holidays. I wouldn't ask if I wasn't being completely honest with myself, but I would love it if you think of me you wouldn't mind checking in just to see how things are going and remind me that you're praying. I love you all and I love how awesome you have all been to us thus far. :)


  1. you look so good! Nice little baby bump you got there! thanks for your honesty. I will pray. (seriously, you are very cute pregnant!)

  2. you look just adorable! i love your "i'm so crafty i make ppl" HAHA!

    thanks for stopping by!


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