Piper is back to her normal self :)

I thought I would let you all know that Piper is quite back to her normal self. She is happily playing with all three of her toys all over the place again and licking my face when I don't pay attention to her. Last night was her last chicken and rice meal, and I think she was trying to save a little bit for later (see the photo)! We are very glad she is feeling better. :)

In other news, I had to take the glucose test last night at my OB appointment... YUCK. I had to chug this nasty flat-soda-like drink and then wait an hour to get my blood tested for glucose levels. Well, I failed. They want your levels to be below 130 and mine was 155, which means I have to go in again next week and do it again, except this time I have to have my blood checked every hour for THREE HOURS and I have to be on a special diabetic diet three days prior to the test (which is practically NOTHING to eat for a hungry pregnant woman). Not really looking forward to it. I know I don't have gestational diabetes (which is what they are testing for). My body has always reacted poorly to immense amounts of sugar all at once, which is why I NEVER eat like that. But you know you've got to do things the routine way, so...

I planned at least to have my test on Wednesday, so I wont have to start the diet until AFTER the baby shower :) There are too many goodies I'm planning on eating! Anyway, say a prayer that all goes well next Wednesday!


  1. OMG! Just looking at that drink makes me want to throw up! I failed that test with EVERY one of my pregnancies. It wasn't until I was pregnant with Ellie that they determined I officially had gestational diabetes. I am surprised given your history that you were not tested earlier. Changing my diet to eat the way they prescribed changed my life!!! I wasn't so tired anymore and I actually didn't feel so "sick" after I ate, and I could make it up stairs better...it was so strange!

    It isn't quite like eating as a diabetic, prego's have different needs. You should look into it even if you pass your big test...it might relieve some of your "pregnant" days.

  2. also, diabetics have bigger babies...Ellie was my smallest...coincidence???hmmmmmm???? I think I should have been eating the special way with all of them....


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