A Piper Update

Yesterday, we took Piper to the vet and they were able to squeeze her in before they closed. The vet told us she thought it was the beef flavored bone we gave her. She said they are known to cause gastrointestinal problems. She gave us some medicine for her and told us to keep her on a boiled chicken and rice diet for the next couple days, because it has everything she needs nutritionally but is bland and easy on the digestive system. Last night, we cooked Piper dinner and started her meds. I was really worried we'd have a hard time getting her to take both the food and the medicine, because she is so finicky about her food. Boy, was I wrong! I hid her medicine in a piece of boiled chicken and she practically ate my fingers with it! Not only that, but she chowed down her chicken and rice like it was the best thing she had ever tasted (which, it probably was... dog food doesn't seem too appealing to me anyway). This morning, I gave her the second dose of her medicine and I can already see that she is feeling much more like her cute playful self. Thanks for your prayers! We are so happy she is feeling better (and that our vet bill was very small!)

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