Winter reminiscing...

It's hard to believe that it's already November and starting off the Holiday Season. I've been thinking a lot about last year around the holidays... It was Sam and my first Christmas together and somehow we survived the ARCTIC BLAST of 2008. Boy, was that fun. I was stuck at my parents' house in Boring surrounded by two feet of snow, while the rest of Gresham watched the National Guard snowplow Burnside. Holiday stress was a lot simpler last year. Rather than the usual family holiday dramatics, people were more concerned about getting to see loved ones at all because of the weather. I remember praying that I would be able to see Sam on Christmas and praising God my dad was able to get his truck down the hill and into town. What a different spot we are in this year! This Christmas, if we do get stuck, it will be together (freezing our butts off) in our little condo. Our family has grown and is continuing to grow. Baby will be cozily wrapped up in my tummy plotting her escape and Piper will be curled up next to our Christmas tree. I love where the Lord has taken us in a year. I am so blessed to live each day with my best friend. What an adventure it has been (and continues to be!). I can't wait to watch the holidays of 2009 unfold. :)

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  1. It only gets better and better. I remember loving(obsessing) over fun new traditions we could have as a family. :)


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