O, Christmas Tree... O, Christmas Tree!

It's that time of year! Here is the unveiling of the first Snyder Christmas tree! Beautiful, isn't it? I sure think so. Lately, it's hard to keep myself from just sitting on the couch staring at it and all its Christmasness. I love it. Sam loves it, too. His favorite part are the LED lights we purchased together. They're a dollar or two more than the incandescent ones, but--get this--they only use about 3 watts of electricity compared to 40 watts for incandescent and have a guarantee of 20,000 hours compared to 1,200 hours! They do wonders for our carbon footprint (and our electric bill!). Would you like to see them in all their glory? Here!

Aren't they beautiful?? They are so bright! We have been enjoying making ornaments together as well as putting some of our individual ones on the tree. My grandma gave me all the ones she had for me when I was little and I collected the ones from my parents that were mine as well. It's really special watching it all come together. Piper isn't so sure about it. Actually, when we first put the tree up, she thought it was a giant monster and wouldn't go near it. Eventually, she figured out it wasn't going to bite her after a night or so alone with it in the living room. However, she still stops to sniff it every once in a while on the way to chase her toys, just to make sure.


  1. Very cozy and beautiful. I really wish I could come have a cup of coffee and stare at those great LED lights with you and Sam.

    love ya!

  2. Aww, that sounds perfect! :) Miss you so much.


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