Punxsutawney Phil is a Liar.

Do we really seek weather prophecies from a rodent? I mean, come on... No wonder the world thinks Americans are idiots! Perhaps we have been driven to this ridiculous act due to the complete incompetence of our weathermen? I, for one, am glad to say that here in good ol' Gresham, Oregon, 6 more weeks of winter is pish-posh. We have had the most BEAUTIFUL weather lately and today was exceptionally beautiful! Sam, Salem, Piper, and I all went out on our first family outing to enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D. We went to Bella Vista Park (the park Sam and I were married in). Piper was in heaven because we stopped at Petco to buy her a new Chuck-It ball and she got to run around chasing it where dogs DON'T have to be on leashes (however, we did still have to pick up her poop, though no one was instructed to take a picture of us not picking it up if we didn't... if you don't understand this statement... it's a long story). Salem enjoyed the outing so much that she decided to sleep through the entire thing! I think she enjoyed the sun, though. It was so nice to be out all together... I can't even begin to describe how glad it made my heart. I love our family so much!

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  1. :-) you make me smile. glad you had such a great day! we do not yet have such good weather. we will, but not yet. sigh.


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