Farewell, Copeland

Last night, Sam and I went on a MUCH NEEDED date to go see one of our favorite bands whose music sort of became the soundtrack to us getting to know each other. After a long run, Copeland members are going their separate ways and we got to say goodbye at the farewell Portland concert. It was a lot of fun! Sam and I were finally able to enjoy the 21 & over section at the Hawthorne... which we quickly realized was not as enjoyable as we had anticipated. It was pretty packed and Not that great of a view, but still fun to go have a drink and sit down for a while. We carpooled with a few people and had a great time hanging out with Sam's sister Grace and her boyfriend Jed! (Back of Jed's head in last above photo... lol) There were a lot of old friends there, too. it was really cool to see everyone. Copeland played a wonderful last show, though I'm sure everyone could have listened to them play through their entire discography. We'll miss them for sure, but their music will always live on in the Snyder house!

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  1. So sad! Rich and i love them! Glad you guys could go to the concert... I bet it was amazing!!


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