I've got the spring fever...

Yesterday, I got a case of spring cleaning fever and decided to rearrange our entire bedroom. It started out simply with a desire to hang up the yoyo quilt Auntie Maureen and Grandma Ruth gave to Salem. When I realized I would have to move the crib to be able to do that, I decided to try the crib at a different angle and, well... it all sort of snowballed from there. :) Now, our room seems so much bigger! I love it! Even Piper likes her new bed location. I called her over to show her where it was and when she saw it, she ran into the living room to get her bear and brought it back to lay down on her bed with. That was how I knew she approved. Sam likes it because he can now "run and jump onto the bed from the other room!" We'll see about that one.

It felt good to try something new. But now I am bored with our living room setup.... sigh. Perhaps it just needs a good cleaning and de-cluttering. Is it weird that I feel like I can breathe easier when things are clean and organized? It's like de-cluttering our house becomes a way of simultaneously de-cluttering my soul. There's a really good article about this very idea at homeworkshop.com. Sahina, a professional organizer explains that it is "Like our physical bodies shed their skins so that the new can come in. It’s a way to keep the energy in your home clean, clear and alive... I’ve learned from my own experience that if my environment feels weighed down, I feel it as a weight on my mind or as a burden. You have to keep that “relationship” with your home healthy; to do so you must keep it clear." I totally agree. She's got some good tips on where to start, too. Click on the link above to check them out.

I recently started going back through a poetry prompt book from college called Poemcrazy. In my reading the other day, it was talking about how we can find the center of ourselves in the center of our house. "It can be easier to write about the center of our houses than the center of ourselves, yet the process can take us to the same place." It sounded silly at first, but then I tried the prompt and realized how true it was. "Shut your eyes and fall back. Enter your childhood house and wander through. Where do you find yourself wanting to go? What seems like the center of the house? Is it the bathtub where you scrubbed and floated and soaked? Is it the kitchen, or your bed? Include smells, colors, sounds and comparisons... Use specific, concrete details."

This is what I came up with:

In the center of the house
was a grandma-blue couch.
I sat on its back and pressed my nose
against the wet screen of the window,
spreading the rain around
in pixelated pictures.
I smelled green beans in the microwave,
and garlic bread in the oven.
I listened to the wood stove
tempted to touch it, yet
afraid of getting burned.
I knew nothing of the term "home"
or its different connotations,
I was simply there.
I didn't know for how long
or how that would change;
how long it would be before I was too big
to sit there,
or too old
to be so easily entertained.
I didn't care
about anything except
swinging through the saloon doors
to help mommy taste-test dinner.


  1. You are so right about cleaning. Although cleaning is not usually fun - it is sometimes necessary for your sanity.

  2. Awe....your poem made me cry. I love you and am so glad you have memories warm like this to bring such inspirational words to others. My heart is warmed.

    I am so glad to see you writing again Rae. It is such a gift. Mum


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