Free Sale

As Sam and I were cleaning out our house and getting rid of TONS of stuff, we really didn't want to give it all to Goodwill or Salvation Army because we're not sure how "charitable" we feel these places have been lately. We wanted the stuff to go to our community. So we decided to have a "free sale." It's basically like a garage sale, except everything's free. We had friends come and bring stuff they didn't need. We had some canned food. Lots of clothes. It was awesome. Sam even made a giant sign that he held out by the main road and got some good moves going to direct people our way. He said he's always wanted to do that and was even excited that someone threw a sandwich at him! I wish I could've captured that in a photo! Our stuff went QUICK! Here are some pictures of the sale after it was pretty picked over.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! what a good idea! ;) Did you have it at your place?

    I've been thinking of you and missing ya as we drive thru Tennessee and Kentucky. What a trip that was!


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