Saturday Market & Bishop's Close

Last weekend was so beautiful. The three of us decided to venture through Saturday market for the second time this season. Salem had lots of fun in the Moby (she slept the whole time!). It's always inspiring to see people making a living off of things they have handmade. Sigh... I'll get there.

Then my parents invited us to join them at the Bishop's Close at Elk Rock. It's one of Portland's best kept secrets. Acres and acres of beautiful garden, designed and grown by a Scottish immigrant and his wife, Peter and Laurie Kerr. They left the house and property to their daughters when they passed, who then donated it to the Episcopal Bishop and is used as the Bishop's offices. It's quite a joy to walk through the gardens and take in all the beauty that surrounds.


  1. who took the pictures? you are in them all? Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I took all of them except the ones I am in... my mama took those :)

  3. Oh and Sam took the one of me and Salem in the moby!


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