Audubon Society!

We have had WAYYYYYY too much rain. The average rainfall for Portland for the whole MONTH of June is 1.4 inches and we've already had 2 inches in the first WEEK. Yesterday was the first real solid day of sun in a LONG time, so my friend Charis, Salem, and I decided to venture to the Audubon Society to be out in the sun and visit the birds. Unfortunately, Salem didn't want to stay as long as we did... and she was not shy about letting us know... but we got to see some beautiful birds and plantlife while we were there. They had a couple of the not-releasable birds out to say hi, like Julio (hoo-lee-oh) the great horned owl and Finnegan the Peregrine Falcon. Did you know that Peregrine Falcons have been clocked at 247 mph??? I couldn't believe it! Here are a few photos of the visit...


  1. i love these pictures...but not as much as i loved hanging out with you and salem!

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  3. Salem totaly looks like Sam in these pics :)


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