The dreads are gone!

After much deliberation, I decided to do away with the dreads. There were many reasons which persuaded me to do this, but I have always had a small case of HADD (hair attention deficit disorder), so away they went. Autumn was the lucky one who got to chop them off. My parents walked in the door just in time to see locks on the floor and my dad asked, "Are you going to donate these to dreadlocks of love?" Some time later, I was freed from the tangled mess that lived atop my head. It was a beautiful deliverance. Finally, my husband (and I) could run fingers through my hair without obstacles!



  1. I really don't see a big difference... you are incredibly beautiful both ways.

    You know, that is the same question I asked my son when he cut off his dreads. I asked if he was going to donate them to dreads of love. :-)

  2. ha! I love it! You inspire me to baldness. Soon enough, my bald time will come.

    You look great! Miss you!

  3. wow! the haircut is beautiful on you! You can totally pull it off!


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