Latourell Falls Loop

My dad is on "stay-cation" for two weeks. This basically means that he took vacation time, but he's not going anywhere. He said (and I quote), "Tons of people come from all over to vacation here in the northwest!" So he has decided to do things around here that he's never done before.

Yesterday, he, Salem, and I went on a hike in the Columbia Gorge that we had never been on before. It was the just over 2 mile loop around Latourell Falls. It was beautiful, but then what hike in the Gorge isn't? Latourell Falls is unique in the way that it drops straight down from an overhanging cliff, rather than tumbling down rocks. It is about 300 feet high and the loop took us back behind the top of it to the upper part of the falls, which reminded us a lot of Ponytail Falls (except the trail doesn't go behind the waterfall on this loop). Overall it was about a 520 foot gain.
trail map courtesy of friends of the columbia gorge
My dad carried Salem in the hiking carrier on his back the entire way (about an extra 15 pounds!). I'm pretty proud of him-- he's been running three times a week and I can definitely tell he's getting in really good shape. Salem had a blast being carried around through all the plants and trees. She was fascinated by the upper waterfall, especially, probably because it was so loud. I could barely get her to take her eyes away from it in this video:
We had a great time exploring the loop and taking photos. I decided somewhere along the hike to try to take enough photos in order to make a stop motion video. Pearl Beerhorst has been making them and sharing them on facbook. I have so admired the beauty and simplicity of them, so I thought I might give it a try. Here's the debut of my first stop motion film...

Thank you, Dad, for including me in your stay-cation!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh! This was soooo beautiful Rae!
    It made me cry in appreciation.
    L-O-V-E Everywhere...
    around, inside, outside and about! : )

  2. Rae, I loved spending time with you and Salem in God's amazing creation we are so blessed with here in the Northwest. There is so much beauty all around us and you can see the wonder in Salem's eyes as she was taking it all in with hardly a peep in two hours. Thanks for sharing this on your blog in such a creative way! Love you! Dad

  3. so neat blessed my heart to see you three together hiking. Love you and miss you tons.

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