Scott Pilgrim vs The World = AWESOME.

movie still from Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Last night, Autumn, Josh, Sam, and I went to see Scott Pilgrim. Sam has read all of the graphic novels and was really excited about the movie (plus he told me if I took him to see it, he would take me to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!) I was very pleasantly surprised! This movie was so enjoyable and fun to watch! I was laughing out loud, which is a rare occurrence at movies these days. It seriously felt like a graphic novel/video game coming to life. And it was silly. It didn't try to be too cool or funny or dramatic, or connect too much to the watcher... it was just fun! I thought it was so well done and I would definitely see it again.

Oh... And I almost forgot to mention that the best part was when the movie was over, we were exiting the theater, and some guy put his arm around Josh thinking that he was his girlfriend, then realized he was not his girlfriend and said, "Oh! Sorry!" and ran away.


1 comment:

  1. hahaha about Josh! That is FUNNY!

    I'll have to go see the movie, thanks for the review.


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