I am the mother of an 8 month old?

I used to roll my eyes and think it was cliche when I heard parents say "They grow up so fast!" But now, I am a card-carrying member of the club. Salem is 8 months old and I feel like we just brought her home last week. She is so close to crawling right now-- she scoots rapidly across the floor getting into anything and everything (the baby-proofing begins).
About a week and a half ago, we tried to break her of swaddling again and, though it was an EXTREMELY long week, I am happy to say that she is sleeping without being swaddled! (see the cute picture above).
She is eating lots more "big people food" now. Bekah and Nathan took us out to an amazing breakfast at Jam last weekend and Salem ate quite a bit of my Blueberry Oatmeal Chai Pancakes (Can you say, YUM?)! Now that she has two teeth, she can chew up real food. I think it's crazy that no one every taught Salem how to chew, she just knew how to do it. God is so crazy!
We've been exploring a lot more. This week, Grammy (my mom) took Salem and I to Finnegan's Toy Store to get Salem a toy. It's the ball in the photo above... she picked it out herself!
Like I said, she's eating more food now... here she is munching on some apple slices!
And this is PROOF that she is sleeping unswaddled! Isn't she cute? I still think she looks like an angel when she sleeps. Quick flash back...

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