Cousins :)

Many of you may already know that Sam and I are pretty close (in relationship and location) to his cousin Megan and her husband Rich. They have a beautiful baby boy, who is exactly 5 months younger than Salem, named Benjamin. Yesterday, Megan and Benjamin came over to visit joined by Avery, Megan's brother's baby girl (who just turned 1 year on Tuesday!). It was fun seeing them all together and snapping some photos!


  1. They are all sooo beautiful! Isn't God good! Praising him for healthy baby's and healthy family relationships Rae.
    I'm so thankful you have Megan & Rich! Sometimes it is the purest in heart that truly know how to love unconditionally.

  2. I love this! I am going to need a copy of some of those! Hopefully we can get them all together more often! Yay for family and babies together!


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