Pierced Ears :)

My little girl looks even MORE grown up now with pierced ears! Salem had her 9 month check up yesterday and they pierced them at the Pediatrician's office. It was way cheaper (and safer) than going to the mall or some piercing studio... only $15! She is just about 15 lbs and is 28 inches long! Dr. John says she's got a super fast metabolism and she's very active. He said he wouldn't be surprised if she jumped up even higher in the charts for her height (she can thank her daddy for that one). She has two teeth on the bottom, one that just broke through on the top, and another on the top that is following quickly behind! She is extremely verbal these days with baby talk, "dada," & "mama" and is learning some sign language. She waves hi, throws her hand in the air when she's excited and understands the sign for "eat" and "cookie." She's also very mobile. Sam and I are learning to sprint across the house after her at a moment's notice. We love her so much and can't believe how blessed we are to be her parents.


  1. what an adorable girl you have! the earrings look so cute!

  2. Love the pictures and how often you're blogging now! I wish I had done that at the doctors office- such a good idea! Girls are so wonderful...:)


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