Trick or Treat!

photo by kelly west mars
I love this time of year. The leaves start turning bright beautiful sunset colors, the wind whirls them up in a dance... corn mazes, pumpkin carving, dressing up, candy... what more could a kid want? Though Salem is still very young, I am realizing that the one of the great things about having kids is getting to experience these magical times all over again through their eyes. Do you remember the magic you felt as a child? What is your favorite halloween/harvest time memory? Leave a comment and share!


  1. Mine is watching the magic through you and your sisters eyes.

  2. I remember all the "Autumn Harvest" Parties. All the kids got together and went to church, because Halloween was a "Devil Holiday" I think people taught us it was the Devil's Birthday. So we got to eat a bunch of candy and dress up but we went to church instead of trick-or-treating.

  3. Mom-Awe :)
    Reboppy- I remember those harvest parties, too! Seems silly to say it was Satan's birthday and then celebrate it anyway under a different name lol.


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