Building a nest egg...

I love my little girl. I wonder constantly what she will love and be interested in... what she will learn and teach others. I want her to be able to access education freely throughout her life. To learn and love and grow. Isn't that every parent's wish? Unfortunately, our children in America do not have access to free college education. Sam and I want to start early saving for her. We're asking for your help. If you love our little girl and would like to help her have a college education someday, please click on the button below (it will also be permanently at the top left of my blog). It could be a Christmas or Birthday present... it could be an annual gift... it could just be a few dollars. I just know how grateful she will be someday when we show her a list of all of the people who loved her and wanted to help her get there. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. That picture looks like the front of a catalog! She has such a great smile, and looks so full of life and joy! Nice photography!


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