This is the week of giving thanks. Perhaps it is a long-festering disgust I have with corporate America's nerve to sell holidays like hot-cakes, but I'd like to think this means more than pilgrims, turkies, and stuffing our faces until we pass-out, waking up just in time to go shopping at 3 am. Growing up, Thanksgiving was always an emotional, beautiful time--a time to reflect on everything we have that we don't deserve, which is... really... everything

I decided to take each day this week to share a few things I am thankful for--silly or serious, big or small--and invite you to join me. 

So today, I am thankful for...

 The "Fun Chair." This is a device that entertains and secures my child while I scrub 150 degree poop out of the dryer.

bright starts bouncer available here
 A festive way for clean shoes to enter our home. 

 Photographs. You never realize how valuable they are until they're all you have.

 Someone who looks up to me... and wants me to scoop her up in my arms. I'm glad to do it.

What about you??


  1. Rae, This was funny, beautiful & endearing. Made me cry, in a good way :+)


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