Today, I'm thankful for...

♥ Samuel James Snyder

23 years ago, a baby boy came into the world by God, who so graciously loved and guided his footsteps, growing him to become the man he is today. I couldn't ask for a more hard-working, caring lover of my impossible soul who takes care of Salem and I (and Piper) in many ways. This past year has been beautiful and challenging. He has grown so much, we all have, and though we still have far to go... I have faith in He who has not let our little family go hungry once, or be without the things we need. I am so thankful for my dear Sam's willingness to learn the lessons the Father teaches him, even when they are difficult ones. I am honored to be his wife and it blesses my heart to watch him father our daughter. We love him so incredibly. 

Happy Birthday, Sam.

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  1. Nice post, Rae! I love the ways you express appreciation for your husband. Hope his birthday was a happy one. -k


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