Today, I'm thankful for...

a warm bed to sleep in.
photo by sekkle


  1. I'm in Chicago this week and it is such a different life here than I am usually accustom to. I am not shocked by the things I see because I have seen many of them or similar things before. Here in the windy city, there is just more homelessness and it seems more severe. Yesterday evening there was a gentleman asleep, sitting up at a bus stop. He had a blanket but was about to fall out of his seat. As we sat at the red light, watching him nod out of the bench, it was hard to look at him and also difficult to watch my girls concern for the man. These are the things that I talk to God about. I talk about my deep heart ache.

    As I listen to the wind making its way through the window frames, I think about the 17 degree wind chill we are having. I am grateful to have a warm place to sleep, I am grateful for my family that will see to it that I will never go without. I am grateful for love in abundance and I don't ever ever ever want to take it for granted. not ever.


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