CAMEL!! and other things...

Sunday, I was driving highway 212 heading towards my parents' house with sleeping baby and husband in the Subie, when I noticed a delightful message on a church reader-board. No, it wasn't a clever church pun or a heart-wrenching scripture. It read:

DEC 18&19 7-9PM

This is the part where I came to a screeching halt (in my mind). CAMEL?? Have I mentioned before that the CAMEL is my favorite animal??????
Instantly, I pined over the perfect words to convince my dear sleeping husband to take me to see this once in a lifetime opportunity. I waited until he awoke and casually told him what I had seen. 
"Let's go!!" he said.
(Really??? That was easy!)
I leapt for joy and victory (in my heart). Later that evening, Sam, Salem and I along with my mom, dad, and sister piled in Subie 2010 and ventured back to the heavenly host of the CAMEL. It was, of course, the very last stop at the nativity adventure. And I don't quite remember what happened, but suddenly he was eating a carrot out of my hand and I was in love. 
My fearless daughter reached her hand right out to touch him. I was so proud. 
He was a double hump-er. Which was twice as awesome. Seriously, it is now Christmas. 


  1. Awesome!!! This must be a special gift to you from the Father who just KNOWS how you love these animals! Merry Awesome Christmas!!

  2. It totally was! Merry Christmas to you too!!


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