Christmas is coming...

... the goose is getting fat, please do put a penny in the old man's hat! If you haven't got a penny then a ha'penny will do, if you haven't got a ha'penny then God bless you!
Here, let me refresh your memory...

Anyway, I have been anticipating this Christmas with such excitement because it is Salem's first Christmas! She has been awestruck by trees, lights, and presents. Every time she sees a new tree or decoration she lifts up her hand and smiles as if she were saying, "Behold!!" It's incredibly adorable. She also laughs in excitement at the lights and says "Yight!" Thanks to her Grandpa (Sam's dad) for teaching her that one.
Another great thing about this Christmas is that we are back at Imago and have the opportunity to celebrate advent through Advent Conspiracy. If you don't know what this is, I highly recommend clicking the link and reading the "about" section so you can join in! I decided to make a last-minute felt advent calendar for our family to use in participation. 
I just used felt I and my mom had on hand, hand painted the white letters, and printed out scripture tags to read each day (courtesy of this kicks tv) to go in each of the pockets. Easy peas-y. 
I'm so excited for all the festivities to come! Friday, my parents took us to see A Christmas Story play at the Armory Theater downtown for our birthdays! It was so hilarious... very creatively adapted from the movie. 
Yesterday, we took Salem to Drakes 7 Dees to see the live reindeer and get some hot apple cider. I'll have to put our photo up soon (after I get a chance to scan it!). Keep checking the blog for more Christmas updates! What are you up to this holiday season??

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