Is it spring already??

Can I brag right now?

Let me just tell you how this feels... amazing.

I had a full bag of old bread by the door waiting for a day like today (sounds weird, I know). Salem and I put on our jackets (not coats, mind you), I loaded her up in the mama pouch and Piper on the leash, and we were off to the park! It was a beautimous walk there, let me tell you. And weren't we so please to see that the City of Gresham is actually doing some tidying up around the pond? (It's about time!) Salie had fun mimicking the birds and watching them fly around while we shared some bread. Piper dared them to come closer enough for her to chase them. I don't think they believe in dares. 

Salie was a little too freaked out about the swing to enjoy it this time. She's never really been a huge swing fan, actually. Even when we brought her home from the hospital she didn't really like her newborn swing. But she did like the slide! She rode down on my lap and gave me a huge 8-tooth smile when we reached the bottom. 

She is such a little observer. I was trying to get a cute picture of the three of us, but she was too busy watching the other kids play.
Check out Piper's attempt to escape...

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