Just put one foot in front of the other...

She's a little excited about trying to walk...

Don't you just love how she throws her hands up in the air? I think she might be a gymnast in the making. Everyone always tells me "Rah Rah Rah you'll be sorry once she starts walking rah rah rah blah blah..." but, really? One of the best parts about being a mom is watching your child learn and grow! And to think that you are helping to teach them something? It's indescribable. I'm not sorry. I am just enjoying this blessing.
(That photo's for you, Papaw!)

So now that my little rant is over, I must move onto other important things. Like why am I craving pasta all of the time suddenly? I have pastavision (In case you don't know what pastavision is, it's when you open your pantry and refrigerator and all you can see is pasta... in my case, gluten-free pasta). I actually just devoured some spirals soaked in smart balance and sprinkled with goat cheddar a few minutes ago. Doesn't that sound amazing? It totally was. The only problem about this is that my body loves pasta so much it never lets it go, if you know what I mean. So I say to myself, Come on, self, either move to Japan so you can eat sushi every day and never be tempted again... or move to Italy and marry the stuff! So far, that hasn't worked out too well. I'll let you know as soon as either move commences.

Another thing I've been wanting to discuss is why everybody thinks it's so hard to teach an old dog new tricks. My dog isn't old. She's only 2. And it is really incredibly excruciatingly hard to teach her new tricks. Like, for example, to sleep on her bed that we bought especially for her (and made it even more snuggly with a cozy blanket) instead of our new rug that we like to hang out on and Salie likes to crawl all over. This makes perfect logical sense to me. But, of course, dogs are not logical creatures. Their ways are not our ways. They think it is okay to eat entire tubes of a&d ointment and not eat their food for days at a time because the location of the food bowl is too inconvenient. But they're loyal right? Man's best friend. The symbol of companionship and protection. So we keep them around, even though their fur shows up in our lunch that we packed for work and other unnamable places.
Is that a bed underneath her?? No!

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