To my blog-dience.

photo by TexasRibs

So, here I sit in our lovely "fuzzy navel"(yes, that is the name of the color) yellow living/kitchen/dining room with Piper and Silence as my only friends. (Anybody feel a Simon & Garfunkel song coming on?). Sam and Salem went to pick up some weights for his second fishing trip of the year which takes place tomorrow sometime before I am alive to the world.

It's nice to have some peace and quiet. (If you don't count the dryer in the other room and the squeaky screen door from 1972 that didn't shut properly and is creaking in the wind). That door is actually a bit irritating. Hold on, let me go shut it up. Okay, that door is now not only creaky, but creepy. Right as I got up to shut it properly, it shut itself! (Cue Twilight Zone music now!)

What I was saying is that after a long day of beautifying and de-messifying our little home (who knew 600 square feet could pack in so much messy??),  it sure is swell to lay down on the couch... wait, I said sit, right? I mean sit on the couch and snuggle up with my Pipester and a blank blogvas (short for blog canvas, of course).

Because you, whoever you are, you want to listen to everything I have to say about absolutely nothing, don't you? You care about my not being able to get the fabric dye I needed at the local JoAnn's this morning. You wish that I lived closer to the super-store on 82nd. You secretly hope that my husband brings back some dark chocolate/hot fudge/nutella something or other from the store. And I'm really glad that I have you. Because you and I certainly think absolutely alike.

Which is why it is safe for me to assume that you most definitely want to look at this:

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