I am seriously loving my home right now. 
Weird, I know, considering it has been mostly rainy for an indefinite amount of time. But it's sort of romantic, you know? Like a kiss in the rain, which is the epitome of romantic movie bests! (except an upside down kiss in the rain... we all know that Toby Maguire's stunt double drowned in that scene).

Breathing in the rainy evergreen air, splashing in puddles, going on adventures...
I'm in love, what can I say?

Please, if you do not believe me, I have compiled a short list of featured loveliness.
Some current reasons why my city(and state) rocks are as follows...


A place Obama likes to visit.
photo by oregonmildep

The sign says it all.
New Seasons Market
photo by Steven Vance

The rain doesn't stop us from getting around.
Portland StreetCar in Snowfall
photo by punkrawker4783

Planet of laughs.
Laughing Planet, I <3 you
photo by dafodilly

Rich dogs in the Pearl.
Dog Daze
photo by SP8254

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