A little love...

Since Sam and I are not huge fans of the cliche-ness of Valentine's Day (mostly because we love each other every day and have to restrain impulses to drive right into those corner stands, sending the giant stuffed animals and roses flying), we wanted to do something different.

So... we had a Valentine making party with magazine cut outs, construction paper, glue, the works. I baked off several dozen honey chocolate chip cookies with a Valentine twist.

We decided was that Valentine's Day would be our day to show a little love to other people in our lives, rather than each other. Yesterday, we went around delivering them to friends, neighbors, and family. (I, of course, wish we could've given some to everybody, but my kitchen is not big enough and gas is an expensive commodity these days!)

It was soooooooooo much fun.

Then we went to Sushiville to celebrate.

notice the avocado soul patch.

Did you know that Valentine's Day was never just about romantic love? Read up.

Now that you're all set straight, here are some hilarious Salie videos for you to watch over and over again like I did!

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  1. You are awesome! Seriously what a great mamma you are! I can't believe how big Salem is getting! We have to get together soon! Please!! :)


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