Snow day!!

I tried and tried to talk the snow out of coming. But it didn't listen.
And to be honest, it was actually quite beautiful.

Salem and I bundled up and went outside to enjoy her first snow day. We ran into some neighbor friends along the way.

She wasn't too sure about the snow. She thought it was exciting until she touched it and found out that it was very wet and cold. I made her a snowman to keep her company and she thought that was pretty rad.

I think she was most of all disappointed that she couldn't really move in all of her layers. It was a Christmas Story thing, you know.

So we went back inside to drop our icy drawers at the entryway and warm up in our favorite blankets.
Quite the adventure for a 13 month old.


  1. Your daughter is SUPER adorable! Love the picture of her shaking the snowmans hand. Babies + snow = fun times!


  2. You are too adorable and so is Salem! Love you both (and Sam too)


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