Weekend of wonders

What a weekend! I'm not sure how everything was able to squeeze in to a couple days, but you know... the mysteries of life and such. In short, It was very full of the following adventures:

*Bekah&Nathan/Salem sleepover a.k.a. overnight date for mama & daddy including India Oven, Tao of Tea, and Jam! (am I dreaming??)
*Autumn Rose photo shoot assisting with the lovely Angela Thornton
*our beautiful community
*Modified Style fabric pickup... eek!
*PRC baby shower given by my beautiful neighbor Sarah
*Family dinner with those crazy Cox's featuring my long lost San Diego cousin, Jill!

(you clicked all those links, right?)

Of all this weekend wonder, this is what came from the last said adventure:

1 comment:

  1. Modified Style?! I wanna do it!!!!! .....how do i???


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