A little fun (as the streets turn to rivers).

This week has been absolutely wretched for weather, am I right?

Saturday night, I dreamt of a terrible storm. I remember reading in a dream dictionary somewhere that stormy weather means that you will fulfill your greatest desires. Perhaps my greatest desires are for stormy weather? Because then this happened:

Sunday: funnel cloud touches down in Sandy.
Monday: lots of rain.
Tuesday: tornado warning (wha??), giant hail, extremely close lightning/thunder, and torrential downpour.
Wednesday: lots of rain.

Seriously??? Why can't I dream of lots and lots of sunshine!?

The only way to console myself was with good company. 
My bekahfriend came to visit yesterday and cheered me up with two hours of blogwhoring(DISCLAIMER: For parents and grandparents who may be confused and raising eyebrows: No, I have not lost all my virtues, this is just a term to describe the millions of blogs that we look at and oogle over all in fun and smiles. Try it.)! And do you know how happy that made me? Well, I'm sure you can guess. So far, my bekahfriend is the only person I know who will do this with me and love it oh-so-much as I do. Are there any others out there? We should start a club.

Today, neighbor Sarah invited us to come to the indoor play gym with her and Lucas. It was a bit overwhelming for both of us at first(imagine how you would feel walking into a big gym full of toys and toddlers!), but I think Salem enjoyed it enough to come back and play again some time.

Hooray for friendly friends and fun times! Now, to build us an ark...


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  1. Man... rain sucks. I am sorry! We had our first rain here the other day and I can honestly say it is a totally different kind of rain. The moment you step outside you are instantly soaked, but it is still warm. It is odd.

    I would love to join your blogwhore group! Sounds like a fantastic way to work through rainy weather.

    SO yea I love you and I am so glad you blog!


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