move it or

What's a girl to do when baby is at grammy & papa's, hubby is working overtime, and she has the whole evening to herself??

and blog, of course.

So, I have been working on overdrive to get the top and skirt for Modified Style finished.
It's looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. I even sewed my very first zipper! Wahoo! I've never done one before and nobody's ever showed me how, so I had to enlist the help of youtube and use my seam ripper a few times, but I did it (oh yes, another thing to add to the list of skillz).

Did I mention I had time to pack up some more stuff (in preparation of finding a new place to reside) AND fix myself some food?? Oh please, hold your applause (but don't really).

It's amazing the things a mama can accomplish when she has a good chunk of time to herself. Seriously, it used to take me days... weeks even... to accomplish the things that only take me a couple of hours of alone time now! Perhaps it is because I have grown to understand the value of time (thanks to a certain beautiful little girl I know).
Yes, I think that's it.

But not "it" as in the end of this blog post (no way!). Silly, you.

Tonight, I want to talk about moving.
It is quite silly, don't you agree?
I mean, here we are trying to find a place to live with a Salem room AND a mama/daddy room (right now, we just have the one Salem room, you see), and it's ooooodles of fun and romance.

"Hello? I'm calling for the billionth time about that lovely duplex that fits our needs to a tee? Would you like to tell me that it will actually be ready sooner than you anticipated?"
"Oh, I am so very sorry, but some weirdo already put in their application, non-refundable fee of $90, and $600 security deposit without actually seeing the inside and was approved."
"Okay, well thank you for crushing my dreams!"
"No problem!"
"Take care!"
"Bye now!"

Are you fainting with delight?

Then there is the wonderful task of packing, which is especially enchanting when you are unsure of when you actually will be leaving. This calls for brainstorming sessions galore about which things to pack and which things not to pack, followed by a joyous gathering of boxes stacking up in your bathroom-sized living room! Hooray!

550 square feet was too big anyway, right?
You've always wanted to experience the walls closing in on you, because, truth be told, you're a huge Indiana Jones fan.

So, eventually you call your husband hyperventilating and tell him you're going to die if you don't also become weirdos and turn your nonrefundable applications and security deposits in on a sight-unseen duplex in the exact area you didn't want to be in. But, don't worry, husbands are extensively trained for circumstances such as these, and they will calmly reassure you that the place God has for your family might just not be ready yet and that is why patience is the best thing to have right now.

Gosh darn, those husbands.
They sure know how to put it, don't they?

I better find something to distract me whilst I find me some patience. Cute Salie photos and/or videos? Yes!

salems window to the world


  1. You got the tutu! Yeaa it looks sooo cute on her. Don't tutu's just brighten a day :D By the way, also, your writing is sheer wit. Quite entertaining and enchanting. You da bomb!

  2. Don't know why it says above comment is from Matthew. Just so you know this is Laura speaking :D

  3. well, shucks! thanks, laura :) and thank YOU for the tutu! It is a surefire way to turn any frown upside down.


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