Yesterday, Salem and I walked out to meet Sam at the car and it was lightly raining. She walked over to a puddle, looked down curiously and then brought her fingers to her mouth to sign "water."

It was the first time I had ever seen her do it.

I sign it to her all the time when she is in the bath or washing her hands, but it was that she recognized it herself which made my heart melt.

I love watching her learn new things. It is such an indescribable wonder. It teaches me the beauty that comes from patience. It puts my heart at rest when I worry that I won't be able to teach her everything she needs to know in homeschooling her.

We learn from the world around us. From those closest to us. Learning is often motivated by love and desire to understand our world and those we love, and to communicate that understanding. I don't know how to describe it better than my favorite poet in my favorite poem of all time.


by Octavio Paz

Like the air
                      constructing and deconstructing
invisible buildings
on the pages of geology,
on the planetary mesas:
His language scarcely a grain
               in the palm of space.

Syllables are incandescent.
And they are plants:
                                     their roots
fracture silence,
                             their branches
build houses of sound.
they twine and untwine,
at likeness and unlikeness.
                  they ripen in the mind,
flower in the mouth.
                                    Their roots
drink night, eat light.  
trees incandescent
with leaves of rain.

Foliage of lightning,
geometries of echoes:
on a leaf of paper
the poem constructs itself
                                               like day
on the palm of space.

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